About Me

Don’t be tricked by my smile: I’m a little bitter sweet.

My name is Anna Do Amaral aka wannabepoeta.

I love traveling and writing poems.

I search for the poetic side of every place I visit.

I’m a copywriter based in Milan.

I’m Italian with Brazilian roots.

I’ve been living in Berlin for 7 months and I fell in love with this city.

Also, I feel a special connection with the Italian city of Genova,

where I spent all my summer holidays.

…Yes, it’s a mess.

This is the archaeological find of one of my first poems, at the age of 8.

I’ve been always fascinated by the power of words.

I write poems since I was 8 years old.

Now that I’m getting older, I hope I’m also getting better (and wiser).

Do I write in Italian or English?

Good question.

I mainly write in Italian – my mother tongue.

It allows me to better communicate my emotions.

I’m struggling to improve my English because I’d love to star an open discussion and communicate with people from all over the World.

Here are some posts I’ve written in English.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Feel free to speak your mind here